New Zealand

I want to catch trout 32 inches long


New Zealand is a country that offer the best and the most comfortable a catching of the brown trout in the world. Both of New Zealand 's islands the faraway destination provides a awesome and beautiful catching of fish on more than 800 rivers that are situated in unbelievable scenery, where you go through 10 km of a river and not meet any people.
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New Zealand surprised you a size, a beauty and fighting spirit of trouts which length is between 50 and 80 cm.


The trek isn ‘t only about catching of trouts. This is about discover myself the region who has not got comparable with another country around the world.New Zealand provides many differences and tourist attractions which are unique.

René Šnyta - a guide



Brown trout and rainbow trout are not native fish of New Zealand ‘s rivers and lakes. The trouts were implementing to NZ rivers from Australian ‘s Tasmania and Great Britain during the gold rush in NZ. Good conditions and excellent quality of fresh water generate perfect conditions for growing up of the trouts which weight is usually around 3-8 kilos and length is 55-70 cm.  

Brown trout


You can enjoy to one’s heart’s content a catching of trouts by fly fishing, spinning or baiting in great rivers, mountain lakes or small creeks everywhere in NZ.

Astonishing locality

I ‘m sure your fishing will be successful and you’ll full in love to NZ like me few years ago and you will not interested in fishing in Mongolian ‘s , Canadian ‘s or European’s rivers which are nice but no so much full of clever trouts just like NZ.You can enjoy a view of big brown trout how to approaching and attacking your lure from distance 30 meters to you.The attack of lure by big trouts repeated many time during a day =)

fly fishing



Look at amazing scenery of New Zealand



Exhilarating experience is one 's feeding of trouts by insects .The show when 8 big brown trouts stand in stream of a river one by one you really knock down on knee.

Lots of options

You will have no worries if you get stuck on one of them and the ensuing struggle scares the rest of the fish, because rivers, on which I catch, have twenty to thirty of these swimming holes. So every day your hands hurt from engagement, reeling and fighting with the fish.

Another activities

If you no feel interest in fishing You ‘d go through a worldwide respect trek like Roteburn trek from Queenstown to Milfjord sound or we can try jet boating, bungee jumping,sky diving…………

Jet boating

Bungee jumping


Travelling will show you amazing mountain treks,adrenaline sports unigue ecosystem and crystalline clean fresh water of South island rivers which are located inside fascinating and unique surroundings.
Everything is intensify by well done organization and services of tourist activities in NZ.

Fishing with me is not only about catching of fish I ‘m going to show you places like

  • Mt. Cook – the biggest mountain of NZ
  • Queenstown – a world center of adrenaline sports
  • Wanaka – heart of NZ Alps
  • world unique fjord system of Milfjordsound – PioPiotahi

Mt. Cook – the biggest mountain of NZ


Fish guiding is specific part of fishing in NZ. My guiding provides you information about fishing time , suitability of lure, specific conditions of different rivers,fishing technique , continuity and more and more... =).Fish guides of NZ usually show you 1 river or 1 lake and you catch one or two trouts around 55 cm.

I offer you catching of 50 - 80 cm trouts in more than 10 rivers during Two weeks.
If you are little a bit gifted I catch more than 15 pieces of trouts per day =)
I 'm sure.!!

Flyfishing river catch and drop

Are you looking for a guide with experience and knowledge of catching trouts in NZ river?? Do you attract to spent 2 weeks out of civilization in amazing outdoor? Do you like a perfect relax for your mind??
Don’t hesitate and contact me.


I’ll prepare your trek , provide fishing informations, teach you read a stream of river, go through with you the best NZ rivers and reveal a places with trophy trouts.
and like present I teach you how to take a professional photo with DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)


See you – Kia Ora on New Zealand.

René Šnyta